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Holiday Cleaning

Cooler weather is finally here! That means it’s time to dust the ol’ cobwebs off the holiday planning that has been hibernating for the summer. It’s just the perfect time to start making plans for your home to be pristine for all the family and friends that will be gathering to enjoy the seasons with you.

Malls, parking lots, shopping centers all fill up quickly as holidays near, and so does our calendar. If you want to insure that you receive the best in cleaning care this coming fall and winter just in time for all the hustle and bustle, call us now… The sooner the better. Believe it or not, those calls are already coming in.

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Parade of Homes 2011

Today I had the distinct privilege of touring many of the beautiful homes featured in the 2011 Parade of Homes in Broken Arrow, Tulsa, and Bixby Oklahoma! I saw different models and varieties of floor plans created by some ingenious designers. I also had the special privilege of meeting many builders, and I am pleased to make their acquaintance.

After talking with different builders and realtors along the path, I heard a few different things today concerning their final cleaning projects. Some of these builders have cleaning services that have faithfully worked with them for years.  I love to hear this. These builders have services they can rely on and a great symbiotic relationship has been built on trust.

I also met builders who, despite their growing need for professional, loyal and consistent help, have had a hard time finding just that in the cleaning industry, or they have been left with a mess they have to clean up after the cleaning crew has left.

If you are in this situation as a builder or rental property owner, I would like to personally meet you. As the owner of “The Mess Doctor” I take pride in providing excellence in all the work that I put my name on. I never want it to be said of me or my company that we didn’t completely fulfill all that you expected out of a final cleaning service.

If you are at all curious about us and want to give The Mess Doctor a try, we are ready to be of assistance. We understand the importance of getting your cleaning project done in a timely manner and in doing a thorough job. By the time you get to the final clean, you have been through several other time-consuming phases, and we are the last ones there before your new prospective home owners/renters make that all important decision to purchase, or before their big move in day. Our goal at The Mess Doctor is to make you look good!

Give me a call. My staff and I will do all I can to accommodate your schedule. 918-508-8058

At your service,

Melody Jennings


The Mess Doctor

Call Today: 918-508-8058Hello! And welcome to The Mess Doctor Cleaning Crew and our site for Tulsa’s premier cleaning service. Our business is to take care of YOUR business. If you are in the construction business, the business of buying and selling homes, or just need a home completely cleaned from top to bottom after a remodel, look no further your cleaning crew is here and ready to serve you!

Tulsa has many great builders who build lovely homes, cutting edge business office complexes and shopping sectors that draw thousands to our community each year. We work with builders to present beautiful and clean spaces for new home owners, office presidents and retailers.

Give us a call for a free estimate. We look forward to working with you on your next project!